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We are supportive of our members

These activities are carried out in order to increase the competence and awareness level of our platform members in relation to the environment and especially climate change. These studies can be applied both within the platform and in different institutions; our members take part in both training courses and studies either way.

The first of these training courses is the Ecology Literacy activities. Ecological literacy is the theoretical and practical work that will enable people to get to know and see nature closely. These activities are divided into seminars and practical activities.

Our members benefited from theoretical information about the subject in the first place and then tried to get to know the living creatures in the outdoors. These activities enable our members, who have made it a goal to fight climate change, to know more about nature, to progress more steadily and consciously on this path and to contribute to achieving our goals. These activities, in our project, will enable us to act consciously during the implementation and preparation stage of the activity that will take place on the last day.

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