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Our Story

Our association was established in 2018 by university students and young people working in Vâlcea to raise awareness about the fight against the climate crisis and to contribute to the existing studies in this sense. 


Our Members:


Our members, consisting of 56 people in total, are young people who are aware of the dangers awaiting our world and set out with the ideal of protecting the environment and nature.


Our members, who support our platform with different professional branches, aim to raise environmental and nature awareness especially among young people starting from their own environment. 


Our Mission and Objectives:


The growing global climate crisis is a very important process that will affect our near future. In particular, the rapid technological developments in the present century have paved the way for global warming and climate changes, which have been accelerated in an impossible way to be stopped by the human hand and caused great disasters in the world. The theme of our project is to address the climate change phenomenon from the perspective of Antropocance (the people) Age and to investigate the practices, individual behaviors and policies that cause climate change and to raise awareness about the policies that need to be developed in order to fight global warming and prevent climate change. 


Our mission is to prevent human beings from being at war with nature, which is part of itself; to adopt a lifestyle in harmony with nature and to have sufficient knowledge to eliminate the factors that cause global warming; to develop policies that support this situation and to extend the existing practices. This represents a process that can be achieved through the efforts of young people and the sensitivity of adult individuals. 


Areas of activity of our platform:


Our Platform provides direct and indirect support to policies, good practices, projects, events and awareness-raising activities related to climate change

Produces policies to fight climate change

Investigates the causes and consequences of global warming and makes them known to private and legal entities

Follows national and international studies closely

Carries out joint activities with NGOs and youth groups

Encourages the participation of young people in employee mobility

Builds bridges youth with formal, local institutions and decision-making mechanisms

To support the participation of young people in environment-related voluntary activities, especially climate change and global warming

Emphasizing the issue of sustainable impact, it carries out activities with the objectives of helping to adapt environmental activities to daily lives and corporate identities of people and legal entities. 




- National and global advocacy activities can only find sufficient and continuous support and reach success when the local awareness level rises,

– Sustainable, equal and a just life could be built with a strong environmental and grassroots movement,

- In order for people to take action, they must reach a minimum subsistence level and get rid of poverty,

- When the number of citizens of the world reaches a critical mass, there will be peace between people and between nature and people.


In this context, the importance of acting at the local level, whether small or large, should be internalized by the society and awareness-raising activities based on volunteering should be increased in the process of internalization. Our platform acts with this vision and carries out activities with its members.





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