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Make Earth Great Again - ROMANIA- 2021-1-RO01-KA152-YOU-000003633

Our project included 11 participants from Greece, 8 participants from Spain, 8 participants from Italy, 8 participants from Turkey, 6 participants from Portugal, and 14 participants from Romania, so in total 55 participants.

In our project, the basis of which is global warming and carried out successfully, our participants first became conscious of what global warming and climate change are, what their effects are on the environment and natural life, what are the solution processes and what measures should be taken. In addition, thanks to our social media activities and posts, our target audience has gained awareness about global warming. Our partner organizations in the project have expanded their institutional capacities. In addition thanks to all the activities and our informative activities, they were informed about the Erasmus Plus Programs and Youthpass. Among the effects of these activities, young people have both learned new information about Erasmus Plus Programs and raised awareness about global warming.


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